Friday, March 1, 2013

The Cat - Movie

Park Min Young first movie was The Cat - Eyes that see death, which was shown in theaters in 2011. It was a horror movie about a girl Soyeon (Park Min Young) who works in an animal parlor grooming the pets their customers brought in. There was where she encountered a mysterious cat who seemed to have brought bad luck to its owners.

Here are some of the photos in the press conference, fan meeting and some screen shots from the movie.

Poster in Singapore

Poster in Korea

Look at the cat's eyes

Minyoung almost got a wardrobe malfunction when the cat reacted to flashing cameras. Luckily Minyoung was quick and  managed to handle the situation quite well.

This was taken from the movie fan meeting. Minyoung was filming her TV drama City Hunter then. She must have hurt herself while filming as she had bruises on her arm and knee.
Minyoung tweeted this photo 

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