Her travel photos

Minyoung likes to spend her leisure time travelling around the world. You'll notice that she is very stylish and classy even while taking a time off from her celebrity activities. Here are some photos of her travel. Most of these were posted on her SNS accounts. But there are some captured by fans who were very lucky to spot her. 

 I'll keep updating this page as I find some more photos :-) 

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Thailand 2015

Thailand 2015 (Banyan Tree)

Hawaii 2015

Museo Picasso, Barcelona

Buenas dias form Spain

Switzerland 2014

Switzerland 2014

HongKong 2014

Posted on her weibo acct. "Happy New Year! Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me in the past years. May 2014 brings you new hope, joys, and happiness!" Hongkong 2014

Paris 2013

Paris 2013

Minyoung twitter update, taken from Disneyland, (US?). That was a very sexy pose! 

From @sweetestMY "Whoa, it's already May! OMG!"  This must be from her NY trip.

Metropolitan Museum in NYC March 2013

Minyoung tweeted this photo on Mar 25, 2013 from Serendipity 3- NYC. Look at that Frozen Hot Choco.

this was posted on weibo by a fan who spotted Minyoung in NY subway (Mar 2013)

Salzburg, Austria

Uffizi Gallery, Firenze, Italy 2012

Vienna, Austria 2012

Rome 2012

Rome 2012
This was posted by some fan who spotted and recognized Minyoung in Rome

Verona, Italy 2012

From her Cyworld update, she said there were a lot of galleries in front of their hotel. Paris 2010
Paris 2010

LA 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Hollywood 2009
Although Minyoung didn't say where is this place, fans said it was Santa Monica beach

Japan 2009 



Singapore 2008
Singapore 2008

Singapore 2008