Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Isenberg 2015 with Park Min Young

Park Min Young and Seo In Guk continue to endorse the outdoor clothing brand Isenberg for 2015.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cheers for Park Min Young

If I could talk to her I want to tell her these things:

Unnie, It's finally over! You are free from such burden! You successfully overcome a difficult challenge. You may have been crippled for a while, but you showed everyone how strong you are. Many have tried to pull you down but you remain on top. Silence sometimes is a best weapon. You are indeed the person I always thought you are. Strong, sensible, cheerful and most especially beautiful... inside and out. 

Now is the time to focus on more important things. Now is the time for you to shine. Leave those unhappy memories behind. Walk on the path that very few people dared to walk on. Be the person you always wanted to be, the kind of actress you want to see yourself in the future. 

We will stay behind you... always support you! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Isplus Interview with Park Min Young

Isplus prepared questionnaire for Park Min Young. You'll find her answers in parenthesis plus additional info.

Translation credit to  @raine_evensta

My comment in blue :-)

1. Best character you acted as up to this point. (YoungShin)
I like all my characters but YoungShin I think I especially like. Actors shouldn't say "best" easily, but Youngshin is my most favorite one. Yoonhee from Sungkyunkwan Scandal has been replaced in my heart. (yeah I agree, CYS is the best so far)

2. First time I drank. (Secret)
Isn't this question a bit hateful? (laughs)
(but it is no secret that she drinks alcohol)

3. Best partner/co-star? (I won't fall for this)
Whoever it is, you guys will latch on for sure. (haha! safe. I remember she is also close to Yoo Ah In in SKKS...Seriously, just read the other interviews and we already know who he is.)

4. Want to collaborate with (Josh Hartnett) once.
There are many Korean actors, Josh Hartnett's sexy and deep expressive eyes have a lot of charm. (ah, she really likes Josh Hartnett) 

5. Song that I like to sing at karaoke. (In the Dream)
I recently went out to eat with the staff from my managing company, and I sang Lena Park's "In the Dream". Even though I'm not that great at singing, but it's doable. (she must be singing a lot with Jessica) 

6. Song I hum to recently is (Healer OST).
Our drama has lots of great songs, I frequently listen to them while on the move and hum along. (hmmm, I will protect you?) 

7. Best part I like about my body. (Eyes)
I like my eyes the most, aren't they bright/sparkly? (she has nice pair of legs as well) 

8. If possible, want to marry before age (35).
After returning from 2 year hiatus, I'm currently immersed in acting. I'm not good at multitasking (doing two things at once). I should probably fall in love again after I improve in acting. I want to try acting the role of a married woman after age 35. (I support you there)

9. Alias is (미뇽이 / Minnyuongie).
There are lots where one's own name is used as alias, it's 미뇽이. I uploaded a lot of pictures on SNS using that name too. (I thought it's Rachel)

10. My mobile messenger 대문글/front page message. (Nothing)
Really nothing, I didn't write anything there. (I find her a bit lazy in SNS... she doesn't say so much on her profile either.)

11. (Tell Me) is the shameful history I want to erase.
I danced to Wonder Girls' "Tell Me" at the 2007 KBS Awards. It's the same right now, as the newcomer's award candidate for that year, I danced for the award opening ceremony. It's a video I do not wish to ever see again, please don't look for it. (what?!? ... I love that video ... she was so cute there)

12. Recently I'm immersed in (acting).
There's a fire burning within my heart. After finishing the drama series in China, I'll return to Korea and most likely do another drama series. I came back from a long hiatus so I'll most likely take on lots of projects. (good for her)

13. I cried recently because of (Myung Hee).
Do Ji Won-sunbae-nim. I feel sad for Myung Hee in Healer. (it's sad that they didn't have much scene together)

14. Moment you're the happiest after debut. (Right now)
I'm not just saying, I really feel like right now I'm the happiest. As an actress returning after 2 year of hiatus, it feels the same (? chinese translation is kind of weird here, not sure what she means). I feel like I achieved success on that point. So I'm the happiest now no? (yeah, I'm sure she's happy right now... she even look more beautiful) 

15. Last Kiss (1 week ago)
Haha, last time was the kiss scene in the drama Healer with JCW. If it's in love, it's been a really long time. (hey, kiss scene in a drama is not counted ... unless...) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Park Min Young thoughts about drama Healer

Here are some excerpt from Park Min Young's interview from different news outlet. 

NOTE: Some words were given literal translation so the entire statement may sound a little bit off in English. Thanks to great effort of those who made the translation.

Korean Network News (Feb 23, 2015)
PMY said that after the filming ended, both JCW and herself text one another with similar content. Content: "The feeling of meeting a good partner/co-star is really great."
"A good partner/co-star isn't judge by looks and popularity. But based on how well we can communicate and exchange our feelings. On that, JCW is really a partner/co-star who matches with me."
"Our conversations are usually 90% about the drama on set, and I focused a lot on bringing the right emotions out in romantic scenes. I'm thankful that he delivered his feelings as Junghoo well to me."

*chinese translations cr to PMY Baidu Tieba

Top Star News (Feb 13, 2015)
Park Min-yeong announced comeback not long after "A New Leaf" had finished. She said, "The term between dramas was a little short but I had had a lot of time to analyze my character so I was ready".

She recalled the process it took to get into this drama and said, "I decided to do it in July; filmed until December. It's not easy to find something as good as the conditions of this drama. However, the director, the writer and I put our heads together to break down the character and I understood it well".

She chose to comeback with "A New Leaf" after 2 years of absence. She said, "I decided to do that drama thinking I needed to learn a lesson or two from my seniors. I was so thirsty to act the more I learned".

She claims she was lucky to have met "Healer".

Before she met "Healer", she was abroad but she decided everything in 3 hours and met the team in 24. The director, writer and herself talked over dinner and decided to go on board.

Star Today via Nate
"I really let myself go for my character and didn't care about how I looked since my character was someone who lived a busy and rough life. I laughed when I started reading comments saying, 'I thought she was pretty but her beauty dropped', 'I never knew she was this ugly', or 'Did she get plastic surgery to look uglier?' From the perspective of an actress, it's both laughable and upsetting but once I let myself go without worrying about camera angles and whatnot, I found a sense of freedom within my acting..."

Taken from other interviews and translated by raine_evenstar (soompi)

 PMY said: 1. Jung-Hoo told me a few days back that YoungShin is the cutest character he's seen in recent years, and so I jokingly said that it's because I'm the one acting (as her) 2. I only spent 3 hours to decide to take part in Healer. 3. My friends told me that I finally found a character suited for me. 4. Do you know how embarassing it is to sing in front of JCW? haha 5. It's not easy to have such a nice/comfortable set, staff, colleagues.

- PMY want to apologize to JCW because of her dripping nose. "At that time I was having severe bronchitis (a severe cold), and my nose was dripping every day. I took injections 5 times a week, and my face became swollen, near the end, there was a lot of toning (?? not quite sure here, maybe she means putting on more makeup or something?) When filming romantic scene, I fell asleep when the medicine kicked in, it's almost ad lib. JCW suffered a lot filming action scenes in the cold weather, so I would immediately brighten up/smile thinking that it wouldn't do if my bronchitis halted the shooting."

- PMY said: JCW and her both said to each other "Good thing you're Young Shin, good thing you're JungHoo." If it's a friend that shares this much passion in acting, can work together again no matter when, even after coming back from military duty.

SSTV interview

credit to lark for english translation and windbell for korean to chinese translation

Min Young: "I browsed DC when Healer ended ,there were so many thoughts that I could not read all. Writer Song gave me links as well and I read many comments from overseas fans. There were some people who did specialized analysis that was even better than mine. I really appreciated it when reading so many comments. Sometimes I take a screenshot when I see touching comments which I feel are like gifts"

"How do you feel about your love scenes with Ji Chang Wook?"

Min Young "My last kiss in drama was in Glory Jane in 2011. After that, it was a kiss blank period,so I enjoyed acting romantic scenes in Healer(laughs).There were many love scenes,so every time when reading a new script, JCW would ask me "are you ok?" Even when encountering difficulties, he guided me. I just followed him without any burden. JCW is like a spoilt child, he made the atmosphere of the shooting site more comfortable."

"There was a shooting scene on bed, almost no time for me to feel weary, JCW asked the staff to put a heating pad on bed. In one of the scenes where I had to sleep, I really slept off. PD said"Young Shin,just sleep like that"

From this interview with FACT Link

"‘I was surprised by Yoo Ji-tae's affectionate nature, how happy his wife must be! He bought coffee for me when he heard I liked coffee. He has put his wife and baby's picture as his phone wallpaper. His eyes are full of love, just as they describe in romance novels."

When talking about her ideal type,her eyes opened wide "He should look sharp in appearance,stay modest and reliable,and it will be best if he is humorous! I have never met my ideal type before,so the so-called "ideal person" is just an ideal." 

”I am always ready to be a bride,but I can not get married because I haven't met that person. I always thought I would get married at 27,and now maybe before 35? Love? Now I don't want to depend on something. This is the first time that I can live solidly without affection. Of course love is nice,but now I want to give all my affection to acting and work like an ox".

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Park Min Young at Healer after-party

All the cast of Healer meet-up for the production After-Party. And Park Min Young always arrives in style. Simple but elegant. 

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