Thursday, February 28, 2013

Minyoung loves to cook

Minyoung tweeted some of her food creations. Yummy!

From Elle interview

“Because I like coffee, my friends call my house ‘Minyoung’s coffee shop’. Last summer’s menu was Sakerato. But lately I’ve like drinking Cappuccino. I would also make biscuits, cupcakes, pizza pies, carrot cakes to go with the coffee. When I bake and smell the delicious aroma, my entire mood gets cleansed and I feel sweet inside.”

credit to MinMinCouple wordpress and people who helped in the translation of the tweets

“Good Morning! I woke up early today so I baked Madeleine cakes. The air smells so sweet ♥”
Hontas4 tweeted: Park Minyoung who has a pretty face and warm heart sent over these packs of Madeleines she personally baked, telling me to eat it with the baby in my tummy. Not only can she act, but she’s an excellent baker too! She even wrapped them so nicely. I’m so touched.
Minyoung replied: “Pretty Minyoung unnie” your baby is starting to be brainwashed in your tummy hehe

“MinYoung Chef’s dinner dish ! have a good meal everyone yumyum”
Kim Min Seo, Minyoung's co-star in Sungkyunkwan Scandal replied" : Didn’t you promise you’d cook for me? When?
Minyoung replied: Call me when you’re coming over. I’ll prepare something delicious for you.

carrot carrot today is carrot cake i hope everybody has a day as sweet as this carrot cake”

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