Thursday, February 28, 2013

Officially graduated!

On Feb 15, 2013, Minyoung officially received her diploma in Theater Arts major in Drama and Films from Dongguk University. It took her 9 years to complete the course due to her debut to entertainment industry in 2006. Since she started her career, Minyoung hardly had time for studies as she jumped from one project to another. It was only in 2012 when she finally decided to take a break and return back to school. During this period, Minyoung stayed away from public eye, only updating her fans with tweets or entry in her weibo account every now and then.

Minyoung also received a special recognition for her participation in promoting her school. She was given a Merit Award along with 4 other students who also made other contributions to school good image

Congratulations Minyoung! We are very proud of you.

photo credit to PMYIfanutd and different news site and also to the owner of the fan-art

Minyoung tweeted this photo in the morning of her graduation day
"You wanted me to take this photo right? Minyoung graduation! Thanks for your congratulations."

Looking happy to be one of the awardees
Very beautiful smile

I think she's also very proud of herself :-)

The guy standing next to her must be very lucky

She made a wrong turn to exit the stage and just laughed herself off

What are you looking at behind you?

This was taken when she got out of the van and was met by a lot of reporters.

I think all those present in this photo will keep this forever. "Park Min Young is my alumni yay!"

cute fan art

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