Saturday, May 23, 2015

Braveness of the Ming (Silk Night) BTS 锦衣夜行

The first day of filming started with a brief offering ceremony and followed by introduction of lead actors. Park Min Young seems still trying to adjust to a whole new set of people around her, but nevertheless looks very stunning in her traditional Chinese costumes. 

After couple of days working with the chinese crew and co-actors, Min Young seems adjusting well as you can see on the BTS.

Min Young took some time-off to return to Korea and renew her working visa. 

Min Young returned to Hengdian and resumes filming.

New poster was released June 23, 2015.

The cast had some fun on the set and took wacky photos.

(update July 25, 2015)
PMY DC visited the set of BOTM

(update Sept 4, 2015)
Last day of filming of BOTM

I'll keep updating this page as new BTS photos are released.

Join the BOTM thread in Soompi to find more info about the other characters.

Note: new photos are posted on top

photo credit as tagged

2nd poster

special signed photo of the cast 

Official poster

interview with LeTV

red pockets from the producer

with co-star Jeremy Tsui

interview with LeTV


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  2. **Park Min Young** absolutely radiant, adorable, glowing human being.. Blessings to you & Writer / outstanding Leading / Supporting Actors /Production Crew.. I have every faith in you **Park Min Young** cant wait once when the Project is released in 2016..With your unique chemistry/aura that you have & your skilful talented acting abilites the Chinese Braveness of the Ming/Silk will be a Blockbuster Sensation 2016.. Fighting :)