Monday, May 18, 2015

Park Min Young joining the C-drama Braveness of the Ming 锦衣夜行

After so much anticipation for Park Min Young's next project, Culture Depot finally released an official statement. Park Min Young will be joining the Chinese actor Hans Zhang Han in a Chinese period drama Braveness of the Ming 锦衣夜行 . It will be a 30-episode drama and is based on a popular C-novel series. Min Young will be playing the role of  Xie Yu Fei who is a wife of Xia Xun. Not much info has been released yet, although there is already an official pre-production poster. 

Chinese version of Gossip Girl, which was initially planned to start production in June till September  has been postponed. Braveness of the Ming will fill her time while waiting for another Korean project set to start in September. Looks like Min Young will be quite busy this year. 

Braveness of the Ming filming will start on May 21, 2015. All the best to Park Min Young! 

Source: Culture Depot


  1. I saw PMY's poster wearing the Warrior red outfit and she look stunning ... Hope to be able to see her new work with English Sub., Best of Luck dear beautiful Park Min Young... Love you

  2. **Park Min Young** absolutely ecstatic that you have the Leading Role in this Chinese Adaptation Ming Dynasty Period - Cant wait to watch it once its release 2016.. Sincere Best Wishes to you & Team Crew for the Filming.. I truly believe that this Epic Chinese Drama **Braveness of the Ming** is going to be one of China's Finest Blockbuster Extravaganza, throughout Asia & Internationally - which the viewers can feast their eyes on.....& this time I pray the ratings will skyrocket to the moon lol Fighting:::)